Junior Wing

Junior Wing

We have the best at heart for our children. Students are guided step by step to overcome every obstacle they face and help them aim higher and to promote holistic development.


To impart knowledge and skills required for the all round development of a child
Inculcate right morals and  values
Enable children to develop life skills
To encourage children to be confident and enthusiastic learners
Sensitivity and responsibility towards our surroundings and environment


At Daffodils, we create conditions for children to enjoy the process of learning.

Age appropriate icebreakers

Use of age appropriate icebreakers to help build rapport and bonding between teacher and students and amongst peers.

Play way method

Introduction of concepts through play way method.

Multiple Intelligence Concepts

Use of multiple intelligence concepts in teaching.

Confidence Building

Ample opportunities for boosting confidence through activities like pick and speak, spell bee, imaginary talk, etc.,

Assembly Programmes

Conduct of weekly assembly programmes based on pre-decided relevant themes related to our culture, festivals reflecting the rich diversity of India.

Inculcate Empathy and Acceptance

Circle time to inculcate empathy and acceptance of individual differences.

Moral and Social Values

Inculcation of moral and social values through carefully tailored events like ‘Joy of Sharing’.

Encourage Sensorimotor Learning

Field trips and fun trips to encourage sensorimotor learning and a spirit of enquiry and discovery.


Please collect the admission form for the academic year 2021-2022 from the reception desk.

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Raj Mahal Vilas 2nd Stage, Sanjaynagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560094

Phone: 08023516711/ 9741395522

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