Daffodils School Motto


This Motto, given by our Mentor, is enshrined in the hearts of our teachers and students. This Motto ensures that in whatever activity the student takes part in, be it in academics, co-curricular or extra-curricular, be it in school or at home, the student strives to do his best and stops not till his/her goal is reached.

We believe in:

Equal Access to Education: Providing equal access to education to all, sincerely implementing the provisions of the RTE Act from LKG giving our little ones a head start.

Quality Education: Encouraging our teachers to update their skill sets, enabling them to be on par with their counterparts across the country and conducting workshops

Progressive Education: Inducting new value added programs responsive to the needs of our students - involving collaborative and co-operative learning projects, with strong emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking - into the curriculum by a young and energetic Governing Council with a modern outlook.

Experiential Learning: Taking learning beyond the classrooms by organising educational visits and field trips.

Sharing our facilities: Welcoming children from all over Bangalore to join our Activity Clubs and Sports Clubs to overcome the diminishing lack of open spaces for children in our urban environment.

Social Responsibility: In Daffodils, while providing value education, we help our students develop an ethical and sensitive attitude towards social, cultural and environmental issues. Philanthropy, for example, has been championed as an honourable practice for centuries. The Joy of giving program at Daffodils motivates children to find among themselves the joy of giving to the less fortunate. CRY and HELPAGE INDIA are two of the organizations that we support. Projects in which students have an active participation have been initiated to create dust free and noiseless neighbourhood. Traffic Patrolling around the school by students have also been initiated

Building a digital tribe: Ensuring up to date professional development of our staff and making learning a pleasant experience for students by integrating use of appropriate digital gadgets is an ongoing process at Daffodils.