Daffodils, started off very small, has today become extremely large and successful. Keeping in mind that the school should be a safe place for the children, staff and visitors, most of the construction activities were carried out during the holidays without disturbing the school academic schedules and was never a hindrance to the movement of staff and students within the portals of the school campus.

It is not sufficient to get children into school or to improve the quality of education. A concerted effort has to be made to address threats to participation of both teachers and students in the teaching and learning processes provided by the school. With this in mind, all efforts have been made by the Management to provide them with a safe and friendly environment. The measures introduced in the school, is in accordance with Child Safety Guidelines published by the Karnataka Government/Educational Boards.

In the School:

Child Safety Committee

The Child Safety Committee has been constituted

  • to develop, promote and maintain a safe and healthy environment
  • to establish child safety procedures in the school
  • to monitor the efficacy of various child safety procedures those have been put in place and suggest ways and means of improving the procedures adopted by the school.
  • to record and investigate any event that occurs within the school campus that impinges on the safety of the staff and students of the school and suggest remedial measures to prevent the occurrence of such an event.

Members of the Daffodils Child Safety Committee:

CEO, Daffodils English School Association, Presiding Officer - Principals of Daffodils English School and Daffodils Foundation for Learning, Head Master, Daffodils English School, two parents members from each streams, 2 teachers from each stream.