Approach To Education - Daffodils Schools

Modern theories on education are based on the principle that the students, teachers and the parents and all other stake holders in school education should form a learning community and that its foundations should be based on the assumption that mission of education is not simply that the students are taught but to ensure that the students learn. Teachers are encouraged to work collaboratively than in isolation for this represents the best practice in education.

With the preponderance of experiential learning over other forms of learning, learning is not limited to the classroom and the students are encouraged to participate in various co-curricular, extra-curricular activities on the playground and educational outings to fortify what they learn in classrooms.

No budgetary constraints have thwarted the School Management to provide the students and teachers with a school infrastructure that encourages and fosters development of both physical and mental skills of each and every student. “Digital India” is no longer an idealistic slogan and teaching of digital skills is as important and as essential as lessons in numeracy and literacy. Hence, Daffodils has developed an all encompassing curriculum, with an admixture of latest IT and conventional pedagogy to help discover latent skills inherent in each and every student, develop these skills to the fullest extent possible. The school has distinction of being affiliated to both the ICSE council, New Delhi and the State Board of Education, Karnataka. Our academic year commences from June to April.